win some, lose some

Win some, lose some. I’ve gotten about 2500 words written so far today, but didn’t go swimming. The latter is ’cause Ted’s work exploded and so I was sort of stuck without a ride home, so I stayed home instead, and wrote. And I did, in fact, throw out all 500 words I wrote on Thursday, rewrote the end of ch. 3, and barreled on through ch. 4. I think I’m going to go read a book now, and if I’m extra and particularly cool, I’ll both swim and get another chapter written later tonight.

Too bad I’m feeling too wussy to go for a walk. It’s /cold/ out, darn it. But beautiful. I may talk myself into walking, anyway. It’s only 20. That’s not TOO cold… o.O

Oh yeah: I also made banana bread this morning. Yum. :)

Oh, and I waxed eloquent about the Farscape series/season finale over on Pamela Dean’s blog, but I’ll repeat it here, safely hidden behind a cut tag, although I don’t think the spoilers mentioned are really spoilers.

So the series ended with a ‘To Be Continued’ note.

I suspect that ‘To Be Continued’ is a lot of things. One, I’m sure it’s the way that season 4 was /supposed/ to end, because they thought that they’d have another season to finish the story in.

Two, I think it /was/ a kind of ‘screw you’ to the SciFi channel, a way of saying, “Look, you yanked us, but we’re not going to pretend we were done with this story.” (I also think the SciFi channel follow-up tag with the “We’d like to thank the cast and crew and fans of Farscape for 4 great years” was a desperate attempt on the channel’s part to make themselves look like they weren’t the bad guys. Hah.) (What, me, bitter? Nah.)

Three, I think ending it with ‘To Be Continued’ is kind of a thank you from the producers and creators to the fans, who have been really gung-ho the last six months, trying to get their show back on the air. I think it’s a way of saying “thanks for not giving up on us.” I’d like it to mean that they haven’t given up, either. :)

I think it’s really interesting that they opted to actually end it the way season 4 must’ve been intended to end, rather than cutting it, oh, forty seconds earlier. (“The curtains close on a kiss, God knows, we can tell the end is near…”) They could have effectively resolved the storyline, by cutting it forty seconds sooner. Well: they could have resolved the John/Aeryn storyline, which is the most significant emotional plot point, and while it wouldn’t have been a /terribly/ satisfying series finale, it would have felt, to me, as if they’d at least finished it. But they opted not to do that. And I think that’s darned interesting.

I’m sure there’s a great John Crichton quote about hope that would make a nice ending for this, but I can’t think of one, so I’ll just say maybe they opted to end that way because John never gives up hope.

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