159 this morning. It must be all in my hips or something, because I’m not seeing the weight when I look down at myself, and we don’t have a full-length mirror for a more thorough inspection. OTOH, yesterday I put on a pair of pants and thought maybe they’d shrunk in the wash. I am not typically a ‘my pants shrunk’ sort of person, but the fabric these were made of made it seem not implausible. I’m kinda doubting that’s the case now, having gotten on the scale. :P

Had 2 easy days of no sugar (12 M&Ms does not count), but made an apple crumble last night to celebrate Tedjob. Not actually feeling any guilt over it.

WW points counting over the last 3 days has been in the low to high 30s, so something approximating 1500-2000 calories a day. Yesterday probably went (rather a lot) higher, with the crumble. They say to achieve a specific weight goal you shouldn’t eat more than 100 calories per 10 pounds you want to weigh, so 1500 calories is the top end of where I should be eating, and I am obviously eating Too Much by that measure.

Exercising: I’ve been walking, but not doing weights. While I do need to start doing weights, at this particular moment in time I will take continuing to walk and controlling my food intake. Small steps, right?

Shangri-La: aside from the week when I was ill, I’m not sure the sugar water thing genuinely reduced my appetite. I do know I was spending time eating when I wasn’t hungry, which may have screwed it up on its own. But I’m off that, though I’m still carrying around a pitcher of (non-sugared) water and drinking a lot of it. So I got something good out of the attempt, anyway, and maybe later I’ll try it again.

100 days count: this is day 4. I don’t actually feel like I’ve been eating badly. Over the next week I need to focus on portion size.

Current weight: 159
Goal weight: 157

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