Against all expectation, the leisure centre pool is open in the *mornings*! 7:30-9am on MWF. I’m going to arrange for a cab to pick me up at 7am MWF so I have no excuse to not go, and WOOT! I’m all excited! Must find all my swim stuff and get it together! *runs around, runs around*! They’ve got evening swimming as well, but I’d rather swim in the mornings. My thought for the moment is to swim 3x a week through September and then maybe start weights on alternate days or something, but right now if I can just manage the swimming that’ll be a huge win. :)

rules from orbit. He’s got a secondhand Dana he’s going to be sending my way. WOOT twice! I think I’m going to like it, and its big test will be when I go up to Belfast in early October for a CommonRo gig; that’s a fair lot of train time (or worse, bus time, if I go the very cheap route) and it would be very nice to put it to use.

I have been extremely pleased with a lot of my photos, but this one may be my favorite so far. Which, wow, jeez, suddenly makes me realize I’d talked idly about maybe doing a calendar this fall, and gosh darn if it isn’t fall. I’d probably have to do a cafepress sort of thing, as I’m not sure “pictures of Ireland” falls under ‘s “fantasy art” sufficiently to talk her into doing a calendar for me, but, hrn. Would anybody be *interested* in such a thing? There’s…a couple hundred photos to choose from, though most of them wouldn’t be worthy. Hm. Hrn. Well. Lemme know if you think I should give it a whirl. :)

Ok, I should go back to work now. *scoots*

miles to Isengard: 243

7 thoughts on “WOOT!

  1. I am a cheap bastard, but depending on the price of said calendar, I might be interested in purchasing a one-of-a-kind Mizkit production. :)

    And although I failed to actually comment on the pic yesterday when I saw it come up on kitsnaps: yeah, I really like that one. It’s shiny.

  2. Harder to comment with the comments there turned off. I’ve got to upgrade and see if I can get them turned back on without the freaking *spam* problem. But thank you!

  3. they have membership packages as well. We have something like that here at our local community college but it costs something like $600 bucks/year. I think I’ll just go for a walk and take a shower.


  4. That’s a beautiful picture, Catie!

    Oh, and the hubby picked up THUNDERBIRD FALLS for me yesterday. Yay, it’s finally out in Oz! It’s funny how he always stumbles on your books. :)

    See ya,

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