This morning, at a quarter to ten, the doorbell rang, and delivered Christmas presents! Woot! There were foodthings and flannel jammies and an electric griddle and a HUNDRED DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE TO WALDENBOOKS from Ted’s parents, and glitter-filled cards from Angie and *ooooh* a Lawrence Yep version of Beauty and the Beast called The Dragon Prince, and another Beauty and the Beast book by … I’ll have to go look. Called Beast, and it’s about the Beast before Beauty met him, and I’m so jazzed! They are very excellent presents!

(Beauty and the Beast, you see, is my very favorite of all the fairy tales. Has been since I was a kid. Angie thought these were an appropriately Kit-themed Christmas present, and she was very right! *wriggle wriggle wriggle*!)

And and and! I will go get my hairs cut in a few hours, and and and then we will go spend our gift certificate and and and then we will go to a Christmas party, and and and other good stuff too! Yeah! Yeah!


2 thoughts on “woot!

  1. Woo, I’m glad it got there quickly! That was one of the packages I prepped on Tuesday night, since it arrived that day or Monday (thing are a little foggy), and I hoped to send it before I left. And I’m glad it was a good theme! You hadn’t seen or read either the last time I talked to you, so I’m pleased that I chose well. ^_^

    Donna Jo Napoli is the author of Beast, and I think she’s brilliant. She’s written a number of really great fairy tale retellings (Zel (Rapunzel), Spinners (Rumplestiltskin), The Magic Circle (Hansel and Gretel), and Crazy Jack (Jack and the Beanstalk)), and some other cool stuff (though I’ve only read Sirena (which I liked, shocker–it’s about a mermaid)); she’s currently battling with Robin McKinley for dominance over my fairy tale retellings shelf, though they’re both dominated by Windling and Datlow’s Snow White, Blood Red series. Oooh, there’s so many books back home that I want to be reading!

    Er, anyway. Got a little wordy there. And I should sleep, it’s kinda late here. But Happy Christmas!

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