I have next week *off*! My plan is to write. I’m going to pretend I’m a full-time writer, which means when I get up in the morning I have to go turn on the laptop, not the desktop, and make my quota (which I’m setting at 4K a day) before I do much of anything else. I also want to spend some time (in the afternoons after doing the bulk of the daily writing) doing rewrites, probably on HEART OF STONE, because it’s in the worst shape and I want to be able to send it to Jennifer before the end of the year.

Um. Chanti’s outside staring intently at the birds. Or maybe just at a tree. She’s been out there for over an hour. *laugh* Silly, silly dog.

We’re gonna go get dinner and go to a movie. Bai!

1 thought on “woot!

  1. Ooo I love that. I did that once when Steve Jackson wanted to see a detailed proposal for a GURPS book I querried about. I was up at 7 a.m., got to the college at 8 a.m., and just wrote non-stop all day. Took a break for lunch, went back to writing, then left the computer lab at 6 p.m. It was painful-fun.

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