woot woot!

Woot woot! New Rogue and Gambit busts! The Rogue is a little too T&A for my tastes, but, well, that won’t stop me from getting it, now, will it? I like the Gambit quite a lot, though. :)

It was 43 degrees when I got up this morning. Now it’s sleeting and winding rather dramatically, and big snow crystals are smashing around with abandon. Smash smash!

I had oatmeal for breakfast instead of girl scout cookies. Isn’t that a let-down?

bfe: oatmeal. toast with honey. pork egg roll, small amount of chicken-fried rice, milk. cake & ice cream! arby’s for dinner: beef & cheddar w/no sauce, curly fries, small 7-up. cake and ice cream for dessert, yum.

2 thoughts on “woot woot!

  1. Why do I want to type my name as Sawam? Ahem, anyway. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmbiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt… *drool*

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