word quotas

Oh, on the word quota thing. This is my decision: I’m going to leave my quota at 1100 words a day. If I achieve that, good; that’s what I need to do to make my year goal. That’s all I *need* to do.

So that’s my quota. My *goal* will continue to be 1500 words on the primary project and 1000 on the secondary. I suspect ultimately it’ll even out, because I do tend to take weekends from writing, even if it’s not during an actual weekend. But that, I think, is basically how I’ll approach it. And I’m going to take a leaf from Trip’s page and not add missed days’ quota onto the total. (Of course, as long as I stay ahead of myself, that won’t be a problem, right?) So, y’know, stay tuned and we’ll see what happens. :)

In other news, I called the dance studio again because they hadn’t called me back, and learned there’s a Tap 1 class on Friday nights, and a Tap 3 class on Satuday afternoons. I certainly have enough tap to take T3, but because I’m out of shape and *especially* because my back is all screwed up still, I think I’m going to take the T1 class for a month or two to get back into it, and then move into the T3 class. So mote it be.

Also, inspired by Starling, I’m eyeing a Yoga For Weenies class on early Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Ok, they actually call it ‘gentle yoga’, but I figure Yoga For Weenies is about right, too, since it says ‘this is for people who are out of shape or injured’, and since I’m both, that sounds like it’s about the right speed. Anybody around here want to take a Yoga For Weenies class with me?

5 thoughts on “word quotas

  1. 1100 words is a healthy quota. Lawrence Block once said, I believe, that he wrotes (at the time) 5 pages a day as a personal quota, which isn’t that much more, and hey, we’re talking Lawrence Block. :)


  2. You should come take a yoga for weenies class down here! They have one at the place where I do yoga for wusses who want to be non-wusses.

    I know, I know, bad commute. *sighs* We really need teleporters now.

  3. I could use a yoga for weenies class….And YES teleporters are DEFINITELY in order right now!

  4. Great idea, a yoga class! I was going to sign up for Yoga this year but then someone started teaching T’ai Chi in my neighbourhood so I went for that instead. First lesson went great – so much easier than at the place I tried in Mountain View, because it is the absolute first lesson by that teacher at that location so… no knowledge presumed. I felt slightly lost for more than half the lesson at the MV place, they would start by doing warm-up and form which everyone knew and only then separate people into groups according to what level they were. This time there’s none of that, we’re all beginners together and it felt very good. Second lesson tonight!

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