A little less than a thousand words written. Finished chapter 28, and am at 41.2K words. Part of my mind is going, “45K is just around the corner!” but mostly I don’t think I want to write anymore tonight. I might write another chapter… but probably not.

Silkie reads a lot faster than I write. O.O

3 thoughts on “words

  1. Reading is *lots* easier than writing. It’s so easy, I don’t know why more people don’t do it.

    And look on the bright side. I might be faster now, but you’re going to finish before I do. :)

  2. 3000 words today for me. I’m at 35,101 now. I have /no/ idea what the last 900 words or so were about, my brain went on vacation at about 34,200, and I have only vague memories of seeing double sets of words on the screen cause my eyes kept crossing. Tomorrow I’ll spellcheck that all and see if any of it is even coherent.

    *yawn* *thunk*

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