work that isn’t writing

I cannot believe it’s the end of August. This summer has been a loss to a much greater degree than expected, and I’m just sort of…I’m getting my feet back under me, at this point. And I *am* getting my feet back under me: I’ve actually accomplished a great deal of detail work over the past week, all of which was very necessary and is something of a weight off my shoulders.

Today is the first day of school:


which means I have about 8 weeks of 15-20 hours of time back to myself before the first term break, and in that time I…should theoretically be able to get quite a lot done. I’m not even going to make a list of what that all should be, not here, not today, not when I have a bunch of other piecemeal bits to still get done, but…the ball is rolling a little, maybe. I just hope it’s not up hill. :)

moving thinks to do up so i can see ’em again
– clear out inbox, augh (642 530 241 144)
– dig out that extra story for patreon patrons this month
– pay credit card bills
print things from ian
finish paperwork for ian
print things from hqn

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