working today

Working today, and bitter about it. Just thought I’d let you know. :)

4 thoughts on “working today

  1. Yeah, that is a bummer. I’d rather be working today though. I wasn’t told till last minute that plans changed for the day and don’t involve me, so if I could I would take your place at work. :o(

  2. Hey, KM, come over to Columbus and you can work for me. I only work 6pm to 6am. It’ll be fun! You know you want to!

  3. *burp* am still feeling a bit full, but here I am….in the office, at the computer….

    but we took a nice walk at lunch….that helped

  4. I had to work all day Friday AND have to work all day today…and that stack of papers to be graded is staring balefully at me. I feel your pain.

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