So last night I went to this shamanism workshop, and that was interesting. I didn’t learn anything from it that I hadn’t learned from reading; nor did anything said blatantly contradict what I’ve read.

We did a drum circle, which is always fun — there were THIRTY PEOPLE there! — and later a shamanic journey to meet a power animal, which was really pretty unsuccessful from my point of view, although among the images that came to me was a frog. Three times. So perhaps that’s something, or perhaps it’s not.

It was, however, interesting. They’ve got another basic workshop coming up sometime next month that I’ll probably go to, and a celtic shamanism workshop at the end of October that I’ll probably go to, and then after that I’ll see if I continue going.

The framing shop called and said the tortoise was ready!

They really hopped to get it done, ’cause they’re going to the state fair for the next couple of weeks, and we told them it was fine if it took a few weeks to get it finished, but, well! They hurried for us! (We’re good customers. This is at least the 10th piece we’ve brought in to have framed there.) And it’s *beautiful*! I think the photo actually does a reasonably good job of representing the colors, and I’m just *so* happy with it! *beam*

They also said if either Ted or I ever wanted a job we should go by there and talk to them. :)

Jai and I went for a walk last night, which was very nice. Walking with someone is so much more fun than not.

miles to Rivendell: 156.75

3 thoughts on “workshop

  1. That really is a very nice framing job! Not the colors I would have thought, but very well done.

  2. I like the colors on the picture!

    I think it’s interesting (and jealousy-inducing!) that you’re getting to apply for Irish citizenship. What’s the story there?

    (If it wasn’t clear, I’ve decided to read your journal regularly. Shadowhawk talks about you so much, I decided it was criminal of me not to read *your* journal, when I read the journals of otherwise perfect strangers. You’re like this mythic person. “Oh, Kit, yes. We lived within a couple miles of each other, and she’s been best friends with one of my best friends for years and years, and is good friends with another, but we’ve only met once and we don’t talk at all. Weird, eh?” :)

    Besides. You like X-Men:Evolution’s Rogue. This automatically qualifies you as cool.

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