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I’m a little more than halfway through the line edits on HEART OF STONE. They’re going pretty well, and to my genuine astonishment, I don’t hate the book anymore. Given that I could almost literally not look at it when I finished the last round of revisions, this is a very good thing indeed. There are a couple places where my editor’s cut out blocks of descriptive/explanatory stuff as being over the top, which I think is vaguely amusing, because I’m pretty sure I put them in because an editor (I can’t remember if it was this one or another one) didn’t get the idea I was trying to get across. Now, of course, I want to leave my pretty words in place, but she’s probably right and so I must think of my Epic Snowstorm and be content. :)

Wow, this book is long. I mean, it’s not really, certainly not in the face of big fat fantasy, but it’s the longest book I’d written up to that point (QUEEN’S BASTARD is considerably longer), and even printed double-sided in a space-conserving font it’s nearly as large as one of my Walker Paper manuscripts, and slightly larger than the Bombshells were.

Arright. I should make a genuine effort to get through the line edits tonight (only another 150 or so pages @.@) so I can do the copy edits tomorrow. (Typically, these come together in one manuscript, from Harlequin, anyway. For some reason this time they didn’t. Possibly if I’d done the line edits three weeks ago when I got them, the copy edits woulda come on the line-edited version, but I didn’t, so I’ve got to do it all at once now.) Then I can type them all up and turn them all in on Friday.

Ooh, I has new freckles! Yay for the sunshine!

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