would you…

Would you like to hear something funny?

I just noticed I have a link to ButcherCon on the front fucking page of cemurphy.net.


  1. shoka


    But… but.. it wasn’t big enough or flashy enough. You obviously must not have really shown your appreciation enough to be considered guest worthy or it’d have been a 640×728 neon yellow flashing banner saying ‘I command they to go to Butchercon!’


  2. arcaedia

    That’s too funny. And I really needed a laugh just now. Do you know…. you also have a link to Writer’s Weekend on the cemurphy.net links page?

  3. chrysoula

    WTF WTF?

    I keep checking the website and the LJs, wondering if they’re going to slink back to normal, or the conference will be officially cancelled or something.

  4. drivingblind

    And what’s funny for me, is that in all the spew it was claimed they paid me THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to put together the site and host it. Last night’s checkbook balancing run showed … all of $600.

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