Ye gods and little fishes. Did you know there’s approximately 324523987 zillion walks, ranging from semi-organized to very organized, up here, both seasonal and year-round? There’s the Anchorage Volkssports Club, which does walks and bike rides and a zillion other things, and then there’re races (none of which I could possibly *run* in, but maybe I could walk in them) and all kinds of things listed here.

I think I’m going to do this walk next Friday evening. And there’s a Walk to Whittier through the tunnel on June 14. And the Midnight Sun Run on the solstice, which I’m sure I can’t do a marathon of, but maybe if I walk every day, or almost every day between now and then, I could do a half marathon. And maybe the Alyeska 5K ‘Fun Run’ on July 5 that kicks off the Girdwood Forest Fair stuff. And and and! O.O is my new hero. :)

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  1. It really is amazing the lots and lots of cool exercise-related stuff there is out there. It’s cool when people bring them all together on one site, otherwise they’re sneaky and hide on you.

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