Wow, that’s pretty.

Sarah was telling me about an editor at Tor who’s actively acquiring stuff, and it made me feel sick. Heh. Particularly since apparently Tor takes email submissions, at least for the first 3 and synopsis. But nothing I have is ready to go, and I feel like I’ve been slacking. Which isn’t really true, because I’ve been working long days at the job that actually *pays* me, and I’ve actually written somewhere around 5K words in the last week, which really isn’t bad at *all*.

But it hasn’t been on MD, and that’s the project I feel like I should be working on, and … blah. :(

My site launches today (assuming all goes well, please GOD) and the Kitling story has to be finished this weekend or not at all, so as of Monday there’s nothing stopping me from working on MD.. if I work on it til the end of October, well, that’s 3 weeks, almost. And if I do NaNoWriMo I can’t start til Nov. 2 ’cause I wrote the first chapter of what I’d work on earlier /this/ month and that’s technically against the rules but … I don’t know, maybe I can retype it or something. :)

Anyway, three weeks, or almost 3 weeks. Even if I manage just 1000 words a day that’d be 21000 words, which should certainly get me through the first third of the book.

Excuse me while I take a moment to boggle about how words pile up that fast. If, y’know. You write them.

Anyway. I’m going to go get the dog and some breakfast and … try to settle my stomach.

I dreamed about D.W.’s memorial service, this morning. It was being held in the Kenai mall, in my dream, which is a little weird.

3 thoughts on “wow

  1. If you wrote just 1K words a day, yeah, that’d be 21K. You don’t seem to write just 1K when you actually sit down and write, though, so I think you’d probably get farther than you think.

    And I’m rooting for you anyway. :)

  2. yeah, I seem to have this Trip-defying habit of writing a couple thousand words or more at once, but aiming for 1K would be … a place to start. right?

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