Wow! I invoked winter by changing my webpage! It snowed last night! Not lots, but enough to stick and turn everything white! Wow! I’m very powerful! I caused an earthquake a few weeks ago, too! I’d better be careful with what I say from now on!

2 thoughts on “wow!

  1. I think you ought to complain bitterly about how Laura has not won the lottery (largely because she hasn’t bought any tickets, but that’s beside the point) and how such things really ought to have happened by now. Please? I’ll pay off your student loans. Between yours and mine, a $1 million lottery would be pretty much be gone, though we could probably still afford a nice dinner or something. :)

  2. I fear.

    Back In The Day, I played a Vampire RPG in the very town I lived in. (That is, Columbus. The game was set in Columbus and so was I.) Every few months, something that just happened in the game would happen in real life. Most of the time this had to do with dumping bodies (something that doesn’t happen often in sleepy Columbus) or causing trouble of a specific nature.

    After the third time it happened, we tried something in the game to see if it would happen in real life, expecting that it was one-hundred percent coincidence. We didn’t think it would happen, but it did.

    It may still have been coincidence, but we stopped playing around with the idea in case it wasn’t.

    And that is today’s Strange But True.

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