wow geeky

This is the geekiest proposal ever, but awwww how sweet! Via Population: One.

3 thoughts on “wow geeky

  1. You’re right. That’s the geekiest thing I’ve ever heard….wish I’d thought of it. ;)

  2. I laughed til I cried, and Kevin laughed too. That’s just so cool. ;)

    Quinton Hoover did some card art for a Magic card called “The Proposal” which some guy who work(s/ed?) for Wizards of the Coast used to propose to his girlfriend. I collect Quinton Hoover cards, and I must say I’m sorely disappointed by the fact that I’ll never be able to add that card to my collection. ;) Oh, well.

  3. Heh…don’t know if this’ll reach anyone or not, but “the guy” in question was “The Guy”–Richard Garfield. The original card I had–one of, I believe, eleven made–was stolen from me on display at a convention a few years back. Richard was kind enough to supply me with a good scan of the original art, which I display at convention appearances. In respect to his wishes, I keep it from being widely distributed.

    Now, as to the definition of “geeky,” well I got here on a random Google search of my own name. After a while of more or less lying low for a while, I was curious to see if there was still anything out there.

    Probably shouldn’t have looked…

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