writing is hard…

…so we went shopping.

We went charging out of the house relatively early today to go to the DMV and renew licenses and IDs (both of us ended up with quite nice pictures, I thought) and then in a fit of behavior not really that much like us, went shopping all over the place with Ted’s mom. We ended up with new shoes and a long, interesting lecture by the store owner/salesman talking about proper arch support and new insoles and things, and I shall be interested to see if his hard-sell insoles pan out into better-feeling balance and stuff. Even if not, I have a quite excellent new pair of walking shoes now, and Ted’s got some cross-trainers. :)

I got new jeans and fabric to make what will be a very saucy librarian outfit, and Ted got proper sweat pants, which you can’t get in Ireland, and…and I’ve forgotten what-all else, but there was much shopping done. We went by the Comic Shop, which is enormously expanded and looking like it’s doing really good business, which was pretty cool and delightful to see, and I saw a childhood friend at Fred Meyer (we also ran into another friend in the Seattle airport, which made me very happy!).

Creeping along with the writing. I’m supposed to be doing that now, so, well, I guess I will. *zooms off*

4 thoughts on “writing is hard…

  1. I need to get good shoes too. However, I will almost certainly never be a saucy librarian.

  2. very saucy librarian outfit

    I’m trying.
    I’m trying real hard to leave it alone.
    I am.

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