A chapter and a fraction of US edited today, and 1250 words written on Angles. My wrists hurt. Hnf.

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  1. The Kitling does not, in fact, ahve wrist braces. She should perhaps invest in those.

    Yeah, I’ve seen the photos. *boggle* They’re amazing. *boggle more*

  2. Those are cool images, and it reminds me of something I wanted to complain about, and it not only ties in with the solar photos, but with writing! How cool is that?

    I’m reading _Don’t Know Much About The Universe_ by Kenneth C. Davis, and aside from some important typos (Venus’ year is 225 days, not 25), I’m really likeing it. However, there’s this Great Big Gaping Hole once he starts talking about life on other planets. He talked to all these phycisists (or however you spell them), astronomers and the like, and they mostly were like yeah, I guess it’s possible, but incredibly unlikely, and we want to see some evidence before we get excited. And he went on and on about SETI (which is cool! Don’t get me wrong!) and NOWHERE except for one teeny-tiny little caveat did he ever address the notion that intelligent life doesn’t have to follow Earth’s template!

    Man. These scientists he interviewed. No imagination. They think that there can’t be intelligent life elsewhere because Earth is SO COOL and so unique and how can you have intelligent life if you don’t have Earth?


    And one word about SETI- yah, it’s cool. Go them. I hope they find something! But… even if they never do, that doesn’t MEAN anything. Would we say humans from a couple hundred years ago aren’t intelligent just ’cause they hadn’t figured out how to manipulate radio waves yet? Huh? And what about aquatic intelligence? Do radio waves even work underwater?

    Er… anyway. Sorry. Random attack of annoyance, there.

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