I really, really thought this headline: Court grants Sen. Craig hearing on sex charge

said “grants Sen. Craig hearing on sex change“, and I sat there for a full ten seconds staring at it in bogglement and thinking, “Wow, the GOP can’t be happy about *that*!” and, “I can’t possibly be reading that right.” And after a while it turned out I wasn’t. Still, very startling indeed!

Your Score: The Tenth Doctor

You scored 25% intelligence, 66% compassion, 25% sense of humor, and 8% weirdness!

You’re a charming, friendly, easy-going sort — the type who looks just as comfortable in a suit and tie as in a bathrobe. Nothing fazes you…until someone starts picking on somebody you love. Then you get all intense and pull a face not unlike an angry bullpup. Yeah, it’s hard to take you seriously sometimes, but you’re nobody’s fool. Your turn-ons include pinstripes, Douglas Adams, incoherent mumbling, Elvis, Scots accents, and Kylie Minogue, apparently. Your turn-offs include Christmas angst, long-distance relationships, jealousy, and other people’s stubborn parents.

Link: The Which Doctor Who Are You? Test written by TottersLane on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Okay. Off to watch some more Heroes and finish straightening up the house in anticipation of frends arriving.

5 thoughts on “wtf

  1. You know, I misread that the same way. You have to admit, the entertainment value would certainly be higher if that was the case. =)

  2. Same here. I thought it said change instead of charge twice in to seperate articles. Geez…

  3. You know, on reading your post I did exactly the same mis-read and went “buh?” until I saw your commentary after your quoting the headline.

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