Art class went pretty well tonight. It took me several drawings to finally get the idea of what Tessa was talking about, for the first set of drawings, but then I got it, and she said I’d gotten it, so, well, that was good. And then the second thing we worked on was crosshatching, which I can do, so, cool. Then we did, um, something else, and then we did a couple of ‘things I need to work on’ sketches, so I worked on perspective/foreshortening, and I think one of the drawings would have turned out quite nicely if the model hadn’t kept squirming and fucking up my drawing. :) But some of the others turned out all right, so I’m reasonably pleased with that.

*wibble* I wonder if I could train myself to get up at 5am by March 1st. There’s a Master’s swim club that swims at 5:30am at APU on MWF (and a little later on Saturdays), and I know the coach is really good, because he used to be my sister’s coach in high school. But I’m fat and out of shape and uncertain and meep.


  1. mary anne

    and uncharacteristically timorous…..go for it, do it, you’ll like it,you’ll be happy you did! (mind you, I couldn’t summon up the enthusiasm for 5:30 am)

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