My hair is slowly returning to the Natural State of a Kit’s Hair, which is to say, it’s getting progressively shorter. I got it cut yesterday (photos here, but I think I’m probably going to go back in and get them cut some more. It’s okay as it is, but seems sort of half-assed, and I don’t really think having the bits around my face is especially flattering. I’ll bring in a photo of Gwyneth Paltrow from Sliding Doors and say “do that to it”, though it may be very nearly too *short* now. On top, anyway.

liked TQB. Whew. I’m nervous about that one, ’cause it’s so far off my beaten path. *squirms around and wriggles* :)

There’s a four week photography class thingy in Cork I’m going to do in February.

That’s about it from Ireland’s windy southern coast today.

2 thoughts on “yay!

  1. Ooh, I like!

    I’m sitting here counting down the days until February, which is the month when Lauras traditionally (tradition for all of…um…2 years, as in previous discussion) do something silly to their hair. Right now it’s driving me crazy– the length is *just* wrong and the color gathering brown. There’s enough brown in the world right now (because it won’t bloody snow) without my hair getting in on the act. I could break with tradition and do it in late January, but I’m trying to hold out.

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