Despite the angst, the peach jam turned out Very Well Indeed! I shall have to buy some more peaches and make small jars of it to send out for Christmas stuff. I’m going to do the same with raspberries and blueberries and probably blackberries. And maybe even strawberries. Making jam is kinda fun. :)

My *other* nefarious plan is to find sugar-free jam recipes so that I can make Trip-safe jam. :)


  1. Barry


    Please email me your address

    I brought your stuff to work today to FedEx it to you (*laugh* Couldn’t get to your stuff until I gave Ben/Laura back their stuff, as their stuff was in front of YOUR stuff – insert George Carlin “Stuff” routine here)

    So – naturally your stuff is packaged and piled up in my office – your address is at HOME!


  2. Patch

    You can buy pectin that’s specifically designed for zero-sugar or fake-sugar jam/jelly making. If you go the fake sugar route, I highly recommend Splenda, which measures cup-for-cup like sugar, though not pound-for-pound (it’s very light). It’s a combination of malodextrin and sucralose (derived _from_ sugar). I use it all the time for Koolaide and no-cook freezer jams, thanksgiving pies/cookies (since my mom & grandma can’t have much sugar), and the like. Down here you can get a box that’s equivalent to a 5-pound sack of sugar for about $4. More expensive than sugar, but worth it, I think.

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