yay! cemurphy!

Yay! cemurphy.net is resolving now! Yay!


  1. Evan, of all people

    Have you tried to talk with the guy who owns cemurphy.com? His “please view this web page every few weeks” page has a date at the top: July 14, 2000.

    Who knows? You might be able to take the domain off his hands… I got an offer for my old domain a while back, and I sold it…

  2. kit

    That’s happening sporadically. I’m not sure why. If cemurphy.net doesn’t work, http://www.cemurphy.net /should/. If it doesn’t stop happening in a day or two, I’ll poke gandi and 100megs about it, but I suspect that the problem is that the new DNS hasn’t propagated world-wide yet. I think it’ll clear itself up in another 24 hours.

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