yay! cemurphy!

Yay! cemurphy.net is resolving now! Yay!

11 thoughts on “yay! cemurphy!

  1. I like the “distractedly looking over the web page” photo. I would caption that photo, “Huh, how’d all this get here?”

    (Aren’t I a stinker?)

  2. Have you tried to talk with the guy who owns cemurphy.com? His “please view this web page every few weeks” page has a date at the top: July 14, 2000.

    Who knows? You might be able to take the domain off his hands… I got an offer for my old domain a while back, and I sold it…

  3. That’s happening sporadically. I’m not sure why. If cemurphy.net doesn’t work, http://www.cemurphy.net /should/. If it doesn’t stop happening in a day or two, I’ll poke gandi and 100megs about it, but I suspect that the problem is that the new DNS hasn’t propagated world-wide yet. I think it’ll clear itself up in another 24 hours.

  4. Ok so that is now what 5 or 6 sites you maintian or have a direct hand in running. Gee we should get a server and maintian it ourselves. :)

  5. But then I have to *maintain* all the back-end stuff and I don’t know how or *want* to know how.

    ‘course, if *you* wanna do it… :)

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