yay me!

I wrote this morning. A thousand words (exactly, actually, which amused me). Not on US, but I’ll work on US tonight. I started a new Methos novel this morning.

Don’t look at me like that. At least I wrote something.

And now I’ve made lunch because I was very hungry and now I’m sort of eyeing it dubiously and wondering if I really want to eat it. *crossed eyes* I will, though, because I suspect the sudden lack of hunger is because my tummy gave up and decided I wasn’t going to eat after all.

Ted has done a lot of housecleaning this weekend and it looks very nice in the office. Isn’t he wonderful?

Me, um, well, um. I, um. Wrote some. And scanned some. And, um. Watched Tracker …

Ok, the pb&j is pretty good, now that I’m eating it.

1 thought on “yay me!

  1. Yay writing! Yay pb&j! Maybe I should have some pb&j and write. Maybe my head will unexplode.

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