yay! sort of

Yay! Sort of.

Denmark was right; GreyMatter’s bloody paragraph tags were screwing up the nesting and making weak, lame-ass Netscape crash.

I’ve fixed the nesting errors in the last 10 days worth of entries. However, the comments pages and probably the archives pages are still not working. I’ll try to fix this, but not today, since I’ve already spent the *entire* day so far trying to fix my damned page, and I have real work to do, too.

Long and the short of it is, for the moment if you want to leave comments, you’ll have to use IE, Opera or Mozilla. Or, well, NS6.

Despite all this trouble, I really kinda like the new layout. And it made Kent say, “Okay, you now officially suck, Kit. Bleh, that’s good.” And Garrett said, “Oh, /nice/,” and so I am very happy. *beam*

7 thoughts on “yay! sort of

  1. I like the new layout!! Was the picture taken on your bike ride this weekend?

  2. Thank you! I’m kind of proud of it! :)

    It was! *laugh* You’re the first person to ask that. Three other people asked if it was a photo of mountains photoshopped to look like they were reflected in the water. :) But nooooooooo! It is really a reflection of mountains in the water!

    A copy of the original photo is at onyourleft.org/photos/may2002/mountains01.jpg :)

  3. Ooo!! The new layout is perty! I did like those images you had down the left on the last scheme, though. They were terribly you.

  4. *laugh* If I could figure out a way to incorporate them into this design, I would, but, er, I can’t. :) I’m very fond of the whole icon thing, but I’ve been doing variations on that theme for years and, well. Something new for a while. :)

  5. Lynx works just fine too. (This is a _good_ thing)

    I’ll note for those that care that what’s necessary to kill netscape is available at http://www.snowplow.org/martin/killnetscape.html

    It may not seem at first that Kit incorporated that sequence in her original page, but the crucial part is having at least two unnecessary close tags inside a table inside a div, with certain things true about the div and table. Since a ul tag implicitly closes the surrounding , the after the counts towards this total.

  6. I knew it! We were driving back up from Coopers Landing around noon on Sunday, and the water looked remarkable similar to your picture!

  7. bwahaha! Aren’t you clever, Jai! :) It was soooooo beautiful. I was glad I had my camera with me. :) Hee hee hee!

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