YAY TED! Ted was awarded the Employee Excellence of the Month (or something much like that) award at his work this month! He gets a $100 gift certificate to wherever he wants in town (he’s going to get one for Bosco’s so he can get gaming stuff *laugh*) and at the end of the year he and the other 11 people who were employees of the month over the year will be entered in a drawing to go to Cabo san Luco in January. Woot! YAY TED! He’s been working very hard and I’m very proud of him! YAAAAY! *beam*

In other news, the puppy still doesn’t have a name, but she sure is cute. :)

1 thought on “YAY TED!

  1. Yay Ted! That’s awesome.

    So where did the puppy come from? And why? And whatever are you going to call the cute critter? I get dibs on walkies when I come to visit!

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