ye gods.

Ye gods. I have just put together a 785 page package to send to Jennifer. For those of you who ever might need to know: the 8 5/8thx11.25×4 inch mailing boxes that you can buy at Office Depot will hold 800 pages of manuscript. Well, they’ll hold 785; I’m taking the other 15 pages on faith.

This thing weighs a *ton*. And it’s only two books! I need to do some rewrites on the third one before I send it! Ye gods! Ye gods and little *fishes*.

If I ever write a single book that’s too big to fit into one of these boxes, shoot me.

4 thoughts on “ye gods.

  1. Always remember the rule of thumb when writing a novel. When you’re done, tear out the middle third of the book.

    Then, you have two-thirds of a novel. YAY YOU!

  2. *whimper*.

    And why in the world is anybody still using snailmailed manuscripts? To save the recipients printer the wear and tear?

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