Yesterday, I got sucked into reading Making Light, Teresa Nielsen-Hayden’s blog. In the midst of this blog, I found this entry, which, prompted by Meryl Yourish’s very fine question, “What kind of dates would the various superheroes be?” asked:

If there’s a female comics fan out there who’s never once thought about this, would she please raise her hand?

I certainly am not one who would be raising her hand in answer to this question.

Ms. Nielsen-Hayden also made a very fine point about Wolverine:

There’s got to be another reason why he’s had more girlfriends than anyone besides Iron Man. Ever consider what that healing factor means to his recovery time? On the other hand, it could just be that he knows how to dance.

I’m very glad to know I’m not the only person who thinks this way.

And now, spurred on by these two fine ladies, I must add my own two cents to the mix. Marvel only; I don’t read enough DC to have an opinion. Except on Jonn-Jonn. I’d date him. And Batman. Who *wouldn’t* date Batman?

Gambit: How could any self-respecting Marvel comics fan overlook Gambit? He might not be the greatest person in the world to have a /relationship/ with, but *damn*, sister. It’d be fun while it lasted. Two, um, thumbs, up.

I’m with Ms. H-N on the matter of Hank McCoy: the only superhero who talks like the people I normally hang out with. He’s kind and polite. He pays a lot of attention to his girlfriends. He’s also cheerful, inventive, energetic, inquisitive, and a techie. He’s an actual lasting-relationship sorta guy. Plus, who can resist blue furry cuddliness? A definite two thumbs up.

Magneto: The guy’s sexy. He’s a jerk, but he’s sexy. (Not so much the Ian McKellan version, although Mr. McKellan’s got his own kind of appeal.) The long-term potential of him squishing my brain like a grape ’cause I’m not a mutant, though, makes him a one-thumbs-up kinda guy, instead of two.

Professor X & Sabretooth: I gotta disagree with Ms. Yourish on these two. The Prof is sexy and Sabes makes me drool, which probably says all kinds of frightening things about me, but there you have it. Sabes has the whole squishing-the-brain problem, of course — well, okay, it’d be more like eating your face off — which means that for actual *dating* potential, he probably gets two thumbs down (unless we’re talking the AoA Sabretooth; do I get to pick and choose my multiverse? a big two thumbs up for AoA Sabes), but Chuck gets two thumbs up.

Iceman: Bobby Drake is practically a Normal Guy, except the ice thing. He’s funny, he’s goofy, he’s cute, he’s clever enough to crack smart-ass jokes; two thumbs up.

Mr. Sinister: Sexy but with alarming tendencies to steal people’s genetic material and make clones. Two thumbs down.

Colossus: Sensitive artist guy. Big. Strong. Handsome. A little stuck on Kitty Pryde, but who can blame him? Unfortunately, dead. Two thumbs down.

Bishop: Surly. And they cut his hair (okay, that was years ago, but there are important things in life, dammit!). However, he has a magnificent nose. Therefore: two thumbs up.

*looks over this list* Hm. Judging from the list, I’m pretty easy when it comes to superheroes. Hee hee hee. *laugh* :)

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  1. What about Kurt? You didn’t even mention Kurt Wagner! He’s the guy I’d want to date. He’s got that fuzzy blue elf thing going. He’s self-aware, kind, thoughtful, pleasant and full of good humor… and, well, acrobatic and with a prehensile tail… just think of the possibilities!

  2. *giggle* You’re right, Kurt’s cute, but he’s kind of pious for my tastes. But lots of people disagree … and I hadn’t thought about the prehensile tail. *laugh*

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