yesterday’s food

Target points: 22
Points used: 30
Activity points earned/swapped: 0
WPA used/remaining: -2.5

Yesterday was only a bad food day in the scheme of the last week. 30 points, pretty good. Overall, well, you can see I’m in the hole for my ‘extra’ points, and I didn’t even count Sunday. As said, yesterday no longer exists, work on today.

My weight is up two pounds. I’m trying not to focus on that and to essentially just not screw up, one day at a time. (I feel like an alcoholic.) Thus far my triumph for today is not making a batch of chocolate chip cookies and eating them all (or even six), which is what I really want to do because I’m stressed and tense about the house being appraised in 40 minutes. I am aware that it will not make me any happier in the long run, so I have not done it, and as far as triumphs go, I’ll take it.

7 thoughts on “yesterday’s food

  1. …I have not done it….

    Tougher than I am, lady. Much. I would schedule an Amway representative to talk to me about my opportunity to become wealthy, if he’d come now and bring cookies with him….

  2. I agree with anacrusis’s comment to this one: that’s a damn fine accomplishment.

    And yeah, it’s like being an alcoholic. Addiction of a different sort. Take the small victories as you make them, and revel in ’em. :)

  3. Actually, I wasn’t really joking. :) In tone, yah, but not so much in genuine content. Resisting a cookie breakdown is a decent accomplishment.

  4. Take that, temptation! To mangle a quote from some magazine I read recently: cookies don’t taste as good as being thin :)

  5. After sitting still on weight loss for what seemed like a month (but was probably two weeks), I am finally edging down again. My husband tried to limit carbs for one day and gave up–I reminded him you can’t focus on just one type of intake…
    I guess the best thing that’shelped me is…I didn’t gain it all in a month…or even a year…it’s going to come off in the same amount of time I acquired it as long as I’m diligent.
    Chin up!

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