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Under any other circumstances, in any other world, a 2600 word writing day would be _perfectly respectable_. *More* than respectable. And instead, what am I doing? I’m taking a fifteen minute break and going back to work again.

I have this fear that when I finally do finish this last push, I’m not going to know how to stop. It’s hard enough to stop my brain from thinking things like, well, if I made a really hard push in August, I could probably get TRUTHSEEKER written by early September… which is…neither necessary nor sane. I have a crapload of minor tasks that need to be dealt with in August, which, if I can get them done, would be *quite enough*. But man, my brain really doesn’t believe that. It’s like a zombie of the Energizer bunny. It’s long since dead, it just doesn’t know it yet.

Back on my head. *sigh*

eta: 3900 words, and 70K on the book. It’ll have to do.

ytd wordcount: 277,900

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1 thought on “you know…

  1. I know that feeling oh too well. Every time I finish a 50,000 words in 30 day challenge I think of how productive I could be if I kept at that pace all year round. You have to accept that it’s not healthy.

    You might find that you’ve been striving for this one goal for so long that once you reach it you’re exhausted and just stop anyway. This is surely time to recharge your batteries and enjoy the new house?

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