Zibblt. Pfht. Headache. Writing-induced, evidently. I was concentrating pretty hard on what I was doing. 1610 words written on TB, and if I manage my 1K on TQB this afternoon I’ll break 10K for the year. *waves a little flag* *yawn* But TB is starting to feel more like I’m putting a story together, which is good, and I’m starting to come to terms with the idea that it’s okay if it’s a story that happens on different levels from the first book in the series. I’m feeling like I’m doing it right, at least, which is much more than I felt a month ago. :)

Also, my back is still slowly improving. Whew. I’m still not going to sit in the computer chair for long if I can avoid it, but it *is* improving.

So. Goals for today: read Sarah’s rewrites on the Iya book. Write 1000 words on TQB. (I’m considering renaming it to THE RED QUEEN’S BASTARD.) Install my new drawing tablet & software if I get those two things done. Maybe go to the gym and be VERY CAREFUL with myself. :)

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