zippity doo dah

My oh my what a wonderful day–

It’s absolutely beautiful day out. I meant to get up and take the dog for a walk, but Ted, to my surprise, got up as well and I wanted to talk to him before he went to work, so I didn’t walk. Yet. I may pop out for a break in a few minutes and go, because it’s just too damned beautiful out right now to waste it entirely inside. If I go for a short walk, I can be back within a Sensible Break Time and can maybe go again this afternoon. We walked yesterday afternoon and it was Sweltering Hot. Sweltering, I Tell You.

I made another strawberry-rhubarb pie yesterday, for Ted’s Mom, whose birthday it was, and it turned out at least as well, possibly better, than the one I made on Sunday. We went to dinner at Lone Star with her, and with some friends of hers, and then they came over for dessert, and then I ACTUALLY WROTE! Only 700 words, but that’s better than I’ve done in weeks, and I re-read the first few chapters of Thunderbird Falls and it doesn’t suck. I’m glad. :) So now I can go charging merrily on. Charge! Chaaaaaarge!

I read some woman somewhere (maybe in my Shape magazine) who said she’d been writing down what exercise she’d done on what days on her wall calendar, and so I started doing that, and she’s right: it’s cool to see the little squares filling up as the days go by. I’ve walked every day for a week! Yay!

miles to Rivendell: 134.25
ytd wordcount: 149,700
current music: 3-Finger Charlie, Urban Family Dog

3 thoughts on “zippity doo dah

  1. We’ve been charting our miles to Rivendell on a thing on the fridge. We have little squares for the individual days, then a map for overall progress. It’s fun to watch the squares fill and the line inch forward.

  2. Ooh, I should do that. Was sitting earlier today and trying to figure out which of my two sets of weights I did last. I’m sort of trying to work out a different set of muscles each time, the whole program takes way too long otherwise. Jotting on the calender on the wall next to the PC ought to be less hard to get around to that firing up LYFA, even =)

  3. Trust you to wait until I spend a couple days without looking at the internet to have /all/ the updates. Responses in no particular order (and thus making very little actual sense): Nifty; Ooh! Yum!; That’s a good idea; and I agree!(And, it is so cool to look at someone else’s blog and see UFD and Common Ro.)

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