I would like to thank all of my very silly friends who have reminded me to back up my mail and other files from eskimo before Saturday. I have now done this. STOP REMINDING ME! o.o

Okay, that didn’t suck. I just got email from Ri-Sean Miller, who is one of the other people listed at classmates.com that I’d like to be in touch with besides Jim, so, okay, that didn’t suck. :) Anybody else wanna email me? :)

Hah hah! Jai *has* set her journal public! Hah hah!

Oop. I was supposed to mention, for the benefit of any family members that read this page (Hi, Kerry!) that Deirdre is getting married next summer, on or about the 21st of June, and people ought to plan to come to the wedding. :)

Sigh. I hate that SimpleMU* uses ^w to switch windows, when ^w closes most programs down. I meant to alt-tab from my IE window to my SimpleMU* window, and instead I ^w’d and closed down a five paragraph entry in my webpage. Ok, this is one big huge flag-waving plus for writing webpages in a […]