Recent Reads

I read Allen Steele’s Coyote trilogy…*checks the reading page* good lord, in 2006. And really liked them, so I’ve been looking forward to reading SPINDRIFT for, uh. Years. I have no idea how long it’s been on my TBR shelf. Quite a while. So I was disappointed when I bounced hard off the opening chapter/prologue/thing, […]

I’ve just moved most of our TBR shelf into the living room, where it can be seen and therefore perhaps take on greater urgency than being in the library (which seems like the sensible place for it, but we, y’know, *live* in the living room…). 90% of the books on it are more than 6 […]

My major goal for 2015, as far as reading was concerned, was to try to clear out the TBR shelf. I started the year, AFAICT, with 79 books on it; it now has 46. I bought 17 new books, 15 of which I read, and I bounced off five books entirely. According to Goodreads I […]

I bought the Little House series (the proper edition, illustrated by Garth Williams) for Young Indiana last year for Christmas, thinking that sometime in the next year or so he might be about ready to start having them read to him. A few months ago he got LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, brought it to […]

A hash tag popped up on Twitter yesterday, #WellLovedBooks, and I immediately went and took pictures of several of mine. I thought they’d make a kind of nice different Throwback Thursday post idea, too, so I present to you a handful of my well-loved books. :) My 8th birthday prsent: ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, which […]