Austen Chronicles

Want to know what I’m doing this year? Or at least, what I’m trying to do? Here. Let me tell you! Publishing MAGIC & MANNERS I’m in the very last stages of getting MAGIC & MANNERS out into the world–the last bits (the ISBN bar code, mostly) are being generated for the cover, it’ll be […]

So I’ve been looking into what’s necessary for submitting self-published books to major review sites (RT, PW, etc) and the answer is primarily “a long lead time.” Several months. Four, for RT, ideally four but 3 is bearable, for PW. Which means if I want to get REDEEMER in for a late October launch, just […]

I went off this afternoon to write and meet up with a friend, and accomplished some 3750 words before our meeting. I was pretty sure I’d broken through the Novelist’s Event Horizon, and thought maybe if I went back to write a little more, I could finish MAGIC & MANNERS sometime tomorrow. So I went […]

I don’t know what’s going to come first on this book, 120K or the end. I suspect 120K, as I’m at 113.4 or something now and I have at least two chapters before I can get to the wrap-up, so yeah. Still, I’ve cracked 60K for the year and have had pancakes for dinner, so […]

I got up early(ish) this morning to get an early start on MAGIC & MANNERS, in hopes of reaching the 9.7K I’d have needed for a 15K weekend. Only I opened the Scrivener app and…a full chapter was missing from yesterday’s work. Over 2000 words. I lost my shit. One of Scrivener’s perks is that […]