Austen Chronicles

For once I was actually prepared to post things and was thwarted by WordPress, for some reason, deciding not to let me in to my blog for two days. *shakes a tiny fist* :) One of the things I was going to post was the next chapter of MAGIC & MANNERS, but because I couldn’t […]

Are you a MAGIC & MANNERS Patron patron? Chapter 6 just went live for you! I’ll begin posting chapters on the mizkit website in about six weeks, so Patreon supporters will get to read the story before anyone else, as well as getting a complete copy of the e-book when it’s done! Head on over, […]

So I’ve been reading Conan! What is best for Patreon? and Ursula’s blog post & ensuing comments about Patreon, and talking to friends about my Patreon project and thinking about long games and all kinds of things. I’ve been thinking of Patreon too much like Kickstarter, really. Too short-term large-goal oriented, whereas I think the […]

My gift to you this Valentine’s Day is chapter five of MAGIC & MANNERS! (Start here if you haven’t been reading along!) And, okay, folks, I’m doin’ it! I’m crowdfunding this baby! If you’ve enjoyed MAGIC & MANNERS thus far, visit my Patreon page to support its continuation! Patreon’s not like Kickstarter: it’s for small […]