Mountain Echoes by CE Murphy

Me, worried: I’m at the climactic battle & I’m only 75k into the book. Ted, phlegmatic: You’re at the end, Catie. It always takes you until the third draft to get the end right. Me: But I don’t know if I’ve got 20k of wrap-up! Me, hours later: Oh, shit, I see what he was […]

Mountain Echoes by CE Murphy

In the last several books I’ve written, I’ve noticed a tendency that as I approach the end, I leap ahead, write the end, then come back and fill bits in. I have been doing that for this whole bloody book. Now, I know people who work this way as a matter of course, but I […]

Mountain Echoes by CE Murphy

I was obliged to stop and remind myself today that in fact by any standards at all, a 5100 word day is actually very good. Even by my standards, which as we all know are completely lunatic. I’ve done 25 or 30K since Wednesday last. It’s not as much as I’d been hoping for, but […]

the essential kit

16.5K in the past two days. Pretty good. If I can get 5K in tomorrow (she said dubiouly) I’ll be at 60K on the book going into the four remaining days of this blitz. I am at the stage of the book where I’m not at all convinced I have enough story to get to […]

thinks to do today: – buy the new bon jovi album – buy the new bowie album – buy the latest marvel ultimate graphic novel collection book – write 10,000 words (9200 is close enough) it is possible that one of those things is not like the others. putting my head down for the next […]