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day two books!

To the vast amusement of the friends in the previous post, I have written…I don’t know. Something in the region of 30,000 words in the past week. #Nanowriweek, another friend said. It was actually intended to be *much* closer to an actual Nanowriweek, except something went Horribly Wrong with SEAMASTER and I spent literally all […]

For only the third time in however many times I’ve actually tried it, I have achieved Nanowrimo success. Honestly, I wrote quite a lot more than 50K this month, but I managed to get 50,000 vaguely useable words on this project, which is…slightly more than half…of what I was going for…well, we’ll take what victories […]

day two books!

Yes, well, things have not proceeded apace. I’ve had a cold for the last three weeks straight. Or, more accurately, I’ve had two, possibly three, colds, for the last three weeks straight. It is very tiring and I am very done with it, except for the part where I’m still sick and therefore not done […]

lazy lion at dublin zoo

I’m supposed to be at 45K on Project One for November. I’m at 29K and have to revise again, but after two days of grim effort I may actually have a plot now, which should help. :P Technically I guess I still really only need 4K a day to make goal by the end of […]

day two books!

Yesterday involved the sort of chaos that sometimes erupts when one has a small child, and I was too tired to do my words. It has not, however, thrown me hopelessly off track, mostly because I’ve already finished Project Two, and getting it done was kind of the bit that Not Missing A Day was […]