Daily Life

I haven’t liked a “hit song within the context of a movieverse” so much since “Backdoor Lover” in Josie & the Pussycats. I thought the movie was at best moderately amusing, but the song, I find hysterical. Also it’s better than almost anything for clearing earworms, and I’d far rather be singing “Everything is awesome!” […]

I tell you, I look at Questionable Content all the time and think, “If I did a web comic five days a week every week for ten years I too would improve hugely with my artistic skills. That would be so great. I should do that!” Then I go “ahahahah in my copious free time […]

Due to the sounds of traffic outside being slightly overwhelming to Young Indiana, we spent Saturday switching all the rooms around. Or their contents, anyway (pedants). Young Indiana’s room moved into what had been our bedroom, our bedroom moved into what had been the office/guest room, and the office moved into what had been Indy’s […]

Or more hours in a day that are not already spoken for. Or a to-do list so exhaustive I cannot fail to do each tiny step on it (yes, yes, Carl: I’ve read GETTING THINGS DONE :)), except I need either the time or the secretary to create the exhaustive to-do list, so…a secretary would […]

Okay, so big plans for 2014 include: – rewatching the Ron Perlman/Linda Hamilton Beauty and the Beast as part of a year-long thing with Stephen Aryan and Liz de Jager. We might even have a weekly Discussion Blog about that week’s show. Anybody who wants to can join in! – (re)reading all the Guy Gavriel […]