Daily Life

Ted was off work today, so I brought the boys to the zoo, got them in on the family pass that has my name/picture on it, and went off to town to work. And work I did. I answered the critical emails that were piled up in my inbox and managed to triage another 500 […]

the essential kit

Unpacking shoes and hair styling things is like unpacking a paean to the person I obviously wish I was. :p Nearly unworn heels, bought in a fit of I don’t even know what, except the joy of having discovered heels that were wide enough for my feet. A couple pair have reasonably low heels; I […]

the essential kit

I’m making up for four posts on Monday by not making any more posts the rest of this week, I guess. We’re not yet fully unpacked. I have faint, tired hopes of finishing this weekend. We’ll see. We did get the clothesline up, so I’ve been taking advantage of the major solar spill we’re experiencing […]

Foggy Angel

There’s been a bad plane crash in Soldotna, the next town over from my home town of Kenai. Ten people were killed. They haven’t released names yet, except somebody I went to high school with just said the pilot was a family member. When I was fourteen there was a terrible, terrible small plane crash […]

the essential kit

I am given to understand that Paul Bettany won Wimbledon yesterday, and that the British are very excited about this. :) It was an insanely busy weekend. Saturday was pretty nearly perfect; we went forth and shopped, getting exciting things like lawn mowers and ice cream makers, and went to the farmers’ market, and had […]