So my dad has converted the garden shed at my parents’ place into an exercise studio, with a weight bench and a stationary bike and free weights. I said heck, I was going to just start going over there to exercise! “Good idea!” Ted said brightly. “It’s even a gym that provides childcare!” *laughs and […]

My son has the Man Flu. This was an observation made by his father last night as we listened to him moan and whimper, and while I don’t know if small girls make these same sounds when sick (presumably they do), the similarities between Indy’s complaints and Ted’s when he’s sick were so exact as […]

It has been a very, very busy several days. A very EXCITING several days, from Young Indiana’s point of view. Friday he got to go hang out with his cousins for a few hours. Saturday his Nana and Papa arrived. Sunday was his birthday (“NOW I am four years old, Mama!”) and the whole fam […]

For Mother’s Day (it’s Mother’s Day today on this side of the pond) I got to take a mini writing retreat to Galway, where my sister’s musical was also premiering. I hopped on the train at 11am on Saturday morning and by 6pm had 8K written and was in such a zone that if I […]

Young Indiana has taken up saying, “Hey Mommy, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I invariably respond with, “Yeah, Brain, but…(where are we going to get elephants to skate on the pond?)” He invariably stares at me with big blue eyes and says, “Huh?” :)