Me: I have finished a comic script, the first in ages. If I am brave and smart, now I will send it to Leah Moore* for commentary. Leah: Dooooooooooo eeet! Me: But what if it’s AWFUL? Leah: Then I shall post a gif of me frowning slightly and shaking my head very slowly! *giggles helplessly* […]

…if you had a choice between a whole Chance-world origin story or an introduction to a new modern character in the Chance world, which would you prefer? I actually have an artist lined up (possibly even two) so I’m trying to get ducks in a row for doing some kind of mini-stories for web release […]

It’s been a good superhero day. First, this morning: Young Indiana, looking at a picture of the Carol Danvers Ms Marvel: Is that Lightning Lady? Me: . o O ( wow, i have really *got* to write a comic of his superhero characters! ) Later, in the rain: Young Indiana: I’m Superman! I’ll stop the […]

Tonight is a work night and I have no idea what to work on. I’ve finished revisions on STONE’S THROE, so I don’t have to worry about that. The next major project up on my docket is my nephew’s book, so that would obviously be the smart thing to work on, but I’m in one […]

Ah! Fernando Granea, one of my Take A Chance artists, sent me this for my birthday! *happy dances*! :) I have got so much comic stuff I want to do. Should be doing. Need to do. In my copious free time. Ai. (Seriously. A Chance-world prequel. A concurrent-to-Chance story. ElectriCity. That girl-and-her-dragon idea from years […]