*sigh* Ann Crispin has publicly announced that she is (to borrow the words of another SF writer earlier this year) very poorly. Her battle with cancer has gone badly, and she’s dying. I’ve actually known this for weeks, having become close with her over the past months and having had the chance to talk to […]

We got up at 6am today and for some reason I still thought it was a good idea to go to the zoo. I am consequently totally wrecked, and Young Indiana has been wrecked all day. I am, indeed, having a somewhat difficult time thinking, because my brain is so fried. So I shall make […]

I think we’ve actually gained slightly on Swan River Press! Admittedly, we still have over 600 votes to catch up, but if we catch up by Friday evening, I’ll post the first chapter of SHAMAN RISES! :) Vote here! (And here’s the Swan River project too. :)) Following on my rant last Friday, I was […]

We got another 100 votes on Last Days yesterday, although somehow it’s still not back on the trending projects page! But if we make it to at least 1570 votes today, I will send a book to somebody who reports their number in to me today, just for fun. (And also because I have an […]

…in keeping with my other scintillating post of today, i do a drive-by post for LAST DAYS: can we get one last push & crack 1500 tonight? Vote for the LAST DAYS OF ANCIENT SUNLIGHT grant project! And if you want to comment on how swell it’ll be, that might help too, who knows? :)