Picoreview: Continuum, Series 1: Really, really enjoyed it. We blew through it in less than a week (it’s only 10 episodes) and would have managed it all in a weekend if I hadn’t had a date last Saturday evening. :) Major spoilers behind the cut.

It is, as near as I can tell, 20 years today that I met my friend, RP partner, and cowriter Sarah EkstromPalmero (one of the good things about old friends is you get to keep using their maiden names decades after they’ve changed :)) I can actually pin this down to a day because I […]

i have made my web designer happy. :) she has gone above and beyond the call of duty on the amalgamation of mizkit/kitsnaps/cemurphy, building a non-slidimg header widget, developing unique page layouts for each, she’s working on aan increasingly shiny cemurphy interface–the list goes on. and she’d mentioned she didn’t have the the latest few […]

Blarney Cabin

The Blarney Castle grounds go on forever, and here and there you find unexpected bits of the past cropping up. This is one of them, a secluded, lovely cabin down by a stream and near to the lily pad lake. I could live there, given half a chance.

We have done so much work. And there is so very, very much more to do. However, at this stage, we’ve both collapsed into the couch and there’s not much chance we’re getting up again until bedtime (except actually we need to go make up the bed so that at bedtime we can just drop […]