coloring: elfquest: picknose

“PICKNOSE,” shrieked the six year old, gleefully. “Why is he called PICKNOSE? Does he PICK HIS NOSE A LOT?!?!”

“No,” I said, amused. “It’s because is nose is shaped like a pick, which is the thing he’s holding.”

Indy was less disappointed by this than I expected. :)

I haven’t done much coloring lately, by which I mean, in the past 6 months. I opened up my big Elfquest coloring book once and got overwhelmed because all I’d put down on the page so far were the orange highlights for the fire reflections on skin, and it looked like so much work to continue that I didn’t. But I finally looked at the actual coloring book, and this page, which was next, wasn’t too overwhelming. (The next page is also of trolls. I would have…laid it out differently, if it’d been mine. I also wouldn’t have had four versions of basically the same scene, but I’ve muttered about this before so I won’t again. Not much, at least.)

Anyway, doing the shading on this was fun, which is probably indicative of some kind of mental problem on my part. Although of course I then found a filter on my phone that smoothed out the shading so it looked much more impressive and liquidy and stuff, so I sulked for a while about that, but I’m not posting the filtered one because it’s not really what I did. :p



  1. Have you ever used watercolour pencils or crayons? You can use them on dry paper, or wet paper or colour dry on dry and then use a wet brush to blend. Daughter and I got some for Christmas… okay… really, they are hers… but… then you wouldn’t have to use a phone filter, because your highlights and blends would really be all liquidy and stuff!!! They are of course more money then they should be, but very cool… especially the crayons… and sometimes they are right about the relaxation.. and sometimes they are full of beans!!!!!!!!!

    1. I haven’t. I should try, but I’m terrified of screwing up with them. :)

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