Apparently Chance #5 is out today! YAY! That’s the last of this story arc!

Holy cow. End of an era, there, at least for me. And of course the graphic novel will be the *real* end of the era, I guess, but wow. Wow. Damn, congratulations to me! And to my team! Go us!

Also, because there has apparently been a big fat fail on the acknowledgments in this issue, I’m going to say this here:

I would like to extend my deepest thanks to my husband, Ted, for having faith in this project
to Anonymous, who helped when we needed it.
Thank you both so much. “Take A Chance” would not exist without you.

miles to Minas Tirith: 497.2


  1. I’m curious. Is there some way for someone interested in the story, but unable to partake of the graphical aspects, to get a readable version of the story? I understand it is a graphical novel and that is its essence…but it also a novel, right? Any chance?

    1. Um. Well, it’s a comic book. I…could post the scripts, I suppose, but it’s not even vaguely book-shaped in structure.

      Is “unable to partake of the graphical aspects” something that could be resolved with, like, an electronic version of the comic…?

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