Holiday Blog, Part III

I have remembered that the reason I was so fond of biking in Alaskan summertime is that when biking, unlike when walking, I was moving faster than the goddamned mosquitoes.

My goodness, Monday turned out to be a 5K day!

Tuesday: At B&N for a Writing Blitz. I have no net connection (deliberately) so I shall keep track of my word wars in the blog. And someone is coming to meet me for lunch at noon, so right now I have…37 minutes to write. Starting a new book, no less, so, y’know, no pressure…

640 words of total infodump & my lunch date arrives. Post-lunch goal is finding the actual beginning of the book. o.O

Man. There are things I really miss about America. A lot of them are food, but one is the child-friendly environment at B&N, of all things. Aside from the kids’ area at the back, they’ve now got a “Nook Kids” thing set up at the front, where people have been stopping with children all afternoon, to play and explore things with these little color Nooks. That’s just nice.

I do not, however, miss being unable to walk everywhere. I’m finding myself really resentful of not being able to just walk into town.

I can’t remember what we were talking about the other day–some aspect of Differentness about America–and I said what we always used to say: “It’s like we’ve been living in a foreign country.” “No,” said Ted, “It’s like we’re visiting a foreign country.” And that’s really actually more what it’s like at this point. It’s a very, very *familiar* foreign country…but it’s foreign. And that is very very strange.

We were watching Kung Fu Panda (yes, again) and it got to the bit where Oogway becomes a spirit and is blown away by the peach blossoms. “He’s become one with the universe,” Ted said solemnly, and then just as solemnly, “Either that or those are carnivorous peach blossoms.” *laughs and laughs* I like my Ted. :)

I just had a piece of cheesecake. It was disgusting. What has happened to me?!?