I have BOOKS!

I have a WHOLE BOX of books! THE QUEEN’S BASTARD has arrived…and wow, is a box full of this book *pretty*. All rich and lush looking. Unfortunately, I have no clever ideas on contests to run, and perhaps more relevantly, no money to send books out with, so I’m not going to be giving books away right now. (Fortunately, it’s out on Tuesday, so people might start seeing it in bookstores as soon as this weekend. In fact, somebody reported the first sighting yesterday–in *Stockholm*, of all places.)

Yesterday I decided I might do something rash like take the weekend off, and this morning I decided that in fact the weekend would start *today*, and that I’d take a three day break before head into revisions. I deserve it, demmit. *squinchy face* So I started reading Tamora Pierce’s TERRIER and intend on reading and going to movies this weekend. It will be lovely. :)

I didn’t see the kitty-rescuing girl this morning, but I did see another kitten, tortiseshell, of the same size as the black kitty, so now I’m quite certain they’re strays and that somebody dumped a litter. I’ll try to find the girl and tell her about the torty, but if I can’t find her I might try to catch him myself and at least bring him to the pound or something so he’s not abandoned out in the weather. Poor kitties. Wretched people.

*laughs* We were watching some music video with Robbie Williams and Daryl Hannah, and Ted said, “Somebody had a crush when he was a teenager,” and I was like, “Is he even straight?” and Ted said, “I think he’s from the 51st century.” *laughs more*

Okay, off to read!


  1. Terrible about the kitties! Good for you for caring.

    I hope you’re having a nice weekend. Sounds like you deserve a break!

  2. I did Terrier on audiobook about a year ago and enjoyed it very much. Too bad the next one isn’t out until next year….

    Speaking of audiobooks, do you know when TQB is to be released on audio?

  3. Hm. I have no idea, Laura. I’ll ask my agent and editor about that. :)


  4. If tortie, then girl!

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