lemon curd!

lemon_curd I was thwarted yesterday. First the buses were badly timed/already buggified, so we ended up not going out to the farmer’s market, where I’d intended to get lemon curd from the award-winning lady who makes it. But we went downtown instead. Rats.

But then! I got to go out to the market later! Hoorah!

Except the lemon curd lady wasn’t there. *despair*

But! I had lemons. So today I made lemon curd.

It’s only the second time I’ve made lemon curd. I’m not at all confident it’ll set up (because last time it didn’t), but it sure is a beautiful color and full of flavoids. OMG. My tongue waters at the very thought of it. I did forget the vanilla that this recipe called for, so it may be a bit sharper than ideal, even, but to make up for it, I made twice as much as the recipe called for. :) And very sensibly, I canned (well, jarred) it so I don’t have to eat three cups of lemon curd in a week. :)

(Actually, I oughta ask Chaz if he’s got a lemon curd recipe, since it seems like something that would be right up his alley, and my Meta Given’s cookbook (strangely) hasn’t got a recipe for it. I used one from The Joy of Cooking, which is not a cookbook I’m all that overwhelmed with.)

Ooh! Hey! It set up! Look! Lemon curd!

Super, super zingy lemon curd. Which is not quite as smooth as it ought to be. But still, it’ll be good in oatmeal. :)


  1. No recipe? Tsk.

    (I have no idea what lemon curd is, so I don’t really know whether I *want* a recipe for it—but still….)

    1. You don’t want this one. When I have one I like, I’ll post it. :)

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